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Diamant Disc Baumesser PRO Gres 125 mm

125 PRO Gres Blade/grinding blade. Cut and grind! When processing ceramic tiles or ceramic granite, you often need to quickly switch from cutting to grinding. Changing a blade to a grinding cup wheel and vice versa takes a lot of time, and it is inconvenient to use an additional angle grinder, therefore a tool with both features simultaneously is an excellent solution! The PRO Gres grinding blade has a wide 20 mm diamond layer on the face. In addition to cutting, the wide layer allows you to efficiently grind the edge of the tile, grind irregularities, and perform the curved cutting. The blade is especially effective when cutting tiles at a 45-degree angle, performing the fine grinding of the edge. The diamond layer additionally grinds the edge after cutting, forming a clean surface. The blade works great together with the Slider 45 MECHANIC accessory attachment for an angle grinder for cutting at a 45-degree angle. It is manufactured with an outer diameter of 125 mm, with a mounting seat of 22.2 mm, and used on 125 angle grinder without coolant.

125 mm Diamond disc Distar Technic Advanced

Diamond cutting disc Distar Technic Advanced Diameter 125 mm, Centre 22.23 mm    

125 mm Diamond Blade Distar Turbo Elite M14F with flange

Diameter 125 mm. Diamond Blade For Granite Distar Turbo Elite M14F  with flange.

125 мм Diamond Disc BIHUI EDGE 45 for edge cutting

◢ Edge Cutting & Grinding Blade ◢ Full 25mm height continuous diamond rim ◢ 2.0mm thickness with provided strength and

125 mm Diamond Disc Distar Esthete Li-on

Esthete Li-ION Clean cut on cordless power tools More and more often craftsmen are using battery-powered grinders in their work. The operating speed and power of such machines is much lower than that of mains machines. Classic diamond discs on cordless power tools perform worse both in terms of speed and quality of cut. Esthete LiION disc is designed for cordless and low-power cordless power grinders. The disc has more segments and cooling holes, an improved bond composition, and a reinforced reinforcing flange. Now you can achieve high cutting speeds and the highest possible edge quality even on a cordless power tool. The disc easily cuts through sturdy porcelain stoneware with a length of 1200 mm and even 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware in one pass. The Esthete LiION drive is a new level of quality and speed on battery-powered equipment. The disc has an outer diameter of 125 mm, an ultra-fine diamond layer of 1.1 mm, and a mounting hole of 22.2 mm. It is used on a power grinder without the use of coolant.

125мм. Diamond disc BIHUI B-Master

    The BIHUI B-MASTER diamond blade is recommended for dry cutting of hard materials such as: granite, clinker, refractories, slate and of course porcelain stoneware.     Can also be used for wet cutting.     The “sandwich” technology is unique in that small diamond grains are located on the outside, and large ones are inside.     This ensures maximum speed and is ideal for cutting ceramic tiles, stone and porcelain stoneware.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Distar DGS-W Raptor

The DISTAR RAPTOR diamond grinding cup wheel is used for grinding concrete and other materials of the same hardness level. It has a fairly large service life, up to 200 running meters or 170 square meters, which was verified when testing the diamond grinding cup wheel on concrete of the M400 class.
Compared to the classic models, this diamond grinding cup wheel has a light weight of up to 340 grams, which allows you to do all the work with maximum ease, and also makes the tool ideal for a grinder using a vacuum cleaner.
It is used for dry sanding without water supply. The body is equipped with a large number of holes, which provides not only good cooling, but also effective removal of sludge from the area.

Diamond grinding cup wheel Distar DGS-S Bestseller Expert

Distar Bestseller Expert is a diamond grinding cup wheel for high-performance rough concrete roughing, leveling concrete surfaces, removing traces of formwork joints, etc.
The diamond-bearing layer is increased by 30%, which provides a consistently high resource when processing all types of concrete. The redesigned Z-shaped diamond segments allow for comfortable and productive grinding. This is ensured by the optimized ergonomics of the cutter working surface and, as a result, improved removal of cuttings from the grinding zone.
Another indisputable advantage of the Distar Bestseller Expert cutter is its attractive price, which is an advantageous feature of all Distar Bestseller diamond tools.
The Distar DGS-W Bestseller Expert diamond grinding cup wheel is specially designed for dry grinding of concrete surfaces using angle grinders (grinders). According to the classical evaluation of the tool, a good average speed of work can be noted.
The most optimal speed of the cutter is 4.5 square meters per hour, at a rotational speed of the angle grinder up to 11 thousand revolutions. At the same time, the resource of the Bestseller Expert cutter is 450 square meters.
It is positioned on the market as one of the best consumables for grinding concrete floors, since the cutter has a large grinding plane and provides ideal surface flatness.
The grinding cup wheel is presented in one variation with a diameter of 125 mm, for use in combination with grinders with a standard 22.23 mm center.

125 mm Diamond Disc Distar Gres Master

It couldn't be faster.
Every year new types of ceramic granite tiles with increased frost resistance and abrasion appear. Increasingly, porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 14, 20 mm is used. Such materials are very difficult to cut with conventional diamond discs. Combustion occurs, disc deformation, stop in the cut.
The Gres Master disc is designed for just such difficult conditions. The involute turbocharged grooves of the diamond layer are effectively embedded in the durable material, cooling the cutting zone. The disc sinks gently into even the thickest porcelain stoneware.
This high performance makes it the fastest drive in the Distar range. The disc will also cut normal porcelain tiles, but at a very high speed. The quality of the edging is inferior to disc Esthete and Decor Slim, but very often such cleanliness is not required, especially where the tile joint is closed by molding.

Automatic tile cutter Wandeli QX-ZD 1200 EU

The model is specially adapted for the European market! New generation water pump with reverse flow water supply and additional filters to protect the engine. Automatic Wandeli QX-ZD 1200 Advantages: Automatic supply Cutting length: 1200 mm High-speed engine: 12000 rps/min 1500W! Disc: 115mm - 125 mm (2 pc in a set) Cutting at an angle, chamfering Laser marker The machines have a pump to supply water to a working area Rapid changing of polluted water Stops for series and corner cutting



Tile cutter Wandeli QX-1200 EU

The model is specially adapted for the European market! New generation water pump with reverse flow water supply and additional filters to protect the engine.
Advantages: Cutting length 1200 mm. High-speed engine 12000 rps/min 1500W! Disc 115-125 mm (2 pc in a set). Cutting at an angle, chamfering. Laser marker. The machines have a pump to supply water to a working area. Rapid changing of polluted water. Stops for series and corner cutting.



Tile cutter Wandeli QX-1000 EU

The model is specially adapted for the European market! New generation water pump with reverse flow water supply and additional filters to protect the engine.


Powerful engine (1550 W) with high speed (12000 rpm) gives clear cut (1000mm) and high productivity. Two operations for one pass - cutting and processing the edge with chamfering disc. Cutting at 45 degrees. Laser marker.

Diamond concrete cutter Baumesser PRO TECH 125 mm

Diamond concrete milling cutter Baumesser PRO TECH125 mm for milling concrete, brick, sandstone, granite, tile adhesive, self-leveling floors, cement screed, concrete panels for interior and exterior work!

125 mm Festool TL-D125 PREMIUM diamond cutting disc

Diameter 125 mm; Cutting width 1.20 mm; Ø of the seat holes 22.23 mm; Segment height 10 mm

125 mm Diamond Disc DISTAR PERFECT

HARD-Clean cutter with DISTAR PERFECT 125 MM !!!! DESIGNED FOR CUTTING STONE MASS, CERAMIC TILES, PORCELAIN STONEWARE. Perfect Just perfect... Almost all tilers know the legendary Diamond Disc Esthete for its clean cut. However, it also has a disadvantage. A thin diamond of 1.1 mm thickness ensures a clean cut, so you must be careful not to damage it when working with this disc. The Perfect diamond disc cuts cleanly, the disc is more durable and versatile. The strength is provided by the diamond thickness of 1.5 mm and an additional thickened body flange, which prevents bending of the disc and withstands higher loads. The purity of the cut is achieved by the unique multi-layer design of the diamond layer. Disc diamond layer height 25 mm, thickness 1.5 mm. This wide, uniform 25-millimeter side layer of diamond provides a high degree of wear resistance for the disc and allows for a clean, precise cut without chipping the edges of the tile.  

125 mm Diamond Blade Distar Edge Dry Slider

Edge Dry Slider Professional 45° degrees! This is an analog of the Edge Dry disk, but for use on the

Automatic tile cutter Wandeli QX-ZD 800 EU

The Wandeli QX-ZD 800 is a powerful and revolutionary electric cutter with automatic feed for cutting ceramic and stone tiles up to 800 mm in length. High-speed 12,000 rpm motor for easier, cleaner cutting. ◢ For straight and 45° cutting, diagonal cutting, tile edge milling, tile channel milling, etc. ◢ Three cutting modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. ◢ Light weight (only 36 kg !) ◢ Robust aluminum housing. ◢ New generation water pump with adjustable water supply and additional filters to protect the motor. ◢ Laser pointer ◢ Folding legs and wheels for transport ◢ Maximum cutting length: 820 mm, maximum size of tiles cut diagonally, 560x560 mm. ◢ Maximum cutting depth 90° - 30 mm, cutting angle 45° - 20 mm ◢ Motor tilted from 0° to 45°. ◢ Suitable for cutting ceramic, stone, porcelain, granite, marble tiles Thanks to the powerful motor, high speed and automatic motor feed, you get a nearly perfect cut without chipping the edges of the tiles.    

125 mm Diamond blade DISTAR METEOR H12

The DISTAR METEOR H12 diamond blade is one of the professional segment discs with a turbo reinforced segment, which is excellent for working with monolithic, hydraulic and reinforced concrete.     It is often used for chasing the surface for laying wiring to a depth of up to 3.5 centimeters. To a greater extent finds its application in industrial work, and is represented in the Industrial 7D class.     When testing the operation of a 230 mm disc on M400 concrete, it showed fairly good results, in particular, a speed of up to 0.45 linear meters per minute, with a very high service life of up to 175 linear meters. This is the most durable segment disc. The disk is presented in several versions, in particular, with a diameter of 125 and 230 mm for a standard landing shaft (mount) of 22.23 mm for any angle grinder.

125 mm Diamond disc DISTAR TURBO EXTRA

The DISTAR TURBO EXTRA diamond cutting disc is used for cutting hard materials, one of the best TURBO discs for cutting concrete (both reinforced and non-reinforced), all types of bricks including refractory, sandstone, and paving slabs.     Soft and comfortable cutting.     The disk is able to provide the most reliable operation throughout the entire period of operation, with a sufficiently high level of performance.     Additional effective cooling of the disk is provided by holes in the disk.     The circle has a diameter of 125 millimeters, with a diamond layer thickness of 2.2 mm, and a height of 10 mm. Used on a variety of angle grinders with a 22.2 mm seat and a speed of up to 11,000 rpm.  

350 mm. Diamond blade Baumesser Universal

Diamond blade Baumesser Universal. Diameter 350 mm. It is a versatile tool for working with a wide range of materials. Shows itself best in working with non-reinforced concrete of any hardness, for working with bricks, paving slabs

125 mm Diamond Disc DISTAR Turbo Extra Max

125 mm Diamond Disc DISTAR Turbo Extra Max is:
  • Used for cutting hard materials, one of the best solutions for cutting reinforced concrete and other building materials.
  • Providing soft comfortable cutting.
  • Excellent for processing all types of bricks including refractory, sandstone, non-abrasive paving slabs.