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600мм. Diamond Disc for Asphalt Distar Sprinter Plus

    The Distar Sprinter Plus diamond disc is designed for cutting asphalt and other abrasive materials of the same abrasiveness level.     The circle is positioned on the market as the most resourceful, at the same time quite productive. The service life reaches 2000 running meters, at a speed of 1.5-1.8 mp / min, depending on the equipment used and the characteristics of the material.      When cutting asphalt and asphalt concrete to a depth of more than 7 centimeters, it is recommended to use additional cooling with water, and in addition to perform the work in several approaches, which will reduce tool wear and increase productivity. Professional segmental disc for cutting with and without cooling asphalt, asphalt concrete.

600 mm Diamond Disc Distar Metheor H15 for medium and high reinforced concrete

Diamond blade from DISTAR for floor cutting machines and petrol cutters.
  • The shape of the turbo segments ensures fast and high-quality cutting.
  • Segment height is 15mm.
  • The professional diamond cutting disc is designed for cutting extremely hard hard concrete and reinforced concrete.
  • Blade is suitable for wet cutting (water cooling).

350 mm. Diamond blade Baumesser Universal

Diamond blade Baumesser Universal. Diameter 350 mm. It is a versatile tool for working with a wide range of materials. Shows itself best in working with non-reinforced concrete of any hardness, for working with bricks, paving slabs

600 mm Diamond Disc Distar Meteor for reinforced concrete

Diameter 600 mm. Diamond cutting disc Distar Meteor is used for cutting medium and high-grade reinforced concrete.
Shows a high speed and long lifetime while working even with heavy, highly reinforced concrete. In particular, when working with the power cutter, the speed reaches up to 2 meters per minute, with a lifetime up to 600 running meters. With floor saws, the lifetime reaches 700 meters at a speed up to 2.75 linear meters/min.