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68mm Diamond Bit Distar DDS-W SDS+


During the test, 100 pieces were drilled with one drill. holes in concrete.

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Diamond core bit Distar DDS-W SDS+, diameter 68 mm, is designed for drilling blind holes for further installation of sockets.

Suitable for working with surfaces made of non-reinforced and weakly reinforced concrete, as well as brick. The crowns are used in combination with any type of hand-held electric drills with adjustable speed and rotary hammers.

The work shows a fairly large resource, which when drilling brick reaches 150 holes, at a speed of 4 minutes per hole. For reinforced concrete, the resource is slightly less, reaching 40, when drilling up to 6 minutes per hole at a depth of 65 mm.

Thanks to the magnetic adapter, removal of the centering drill is incredibly fast and convenient.

It is recommended to use such crowns on hand tools with a power of at least 650 W.

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