All craftsmen are faced with disc drift when cutting the edges of the tiles at 45 degrees. This is due to the non-rigidity of the diamond disc bodies and their insufficient cutting ability. The likelihood of slipping increases when cutting solid or thick porcelain stoneware.

The Edge Diamond Blade addresses these issues. It is designed for cutting ceramics at 45 degrees. Thickness 1.4 mm
The thickened hub makes the housing rigid, preventing the disc from slipping to the side.A wide diamond layer reinforces the system. Its “sandwich” structure contains a large diamond in the center and a small one at the edges. This solution ensures high cutting performance and fine edge regrinding at the same time.

This innovative product will make the complexities of 45 degree beveling a thing of the past.Works effectively with ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. It is used on tile cutters with water-cooling.


Disc center

200 mm Diamond Blade Distar Edge

75,50 bez PVN (92,11 ar PVN)

Diamond Blade Distar Edge

Thickness 1.4 mm