It doesn’t get any faster than that
The speed of creating holes in walls for laying utilities is the main characteristic of diamond drills. This is especially true when drilling walls of highly reinforced, strong concrete in dry mode, when the use of water cooling is not possible or not desirable.
The RM-TX is a product for high-speed drilling of difficult materials in dry mode. The drills use diamond segments with oriented diamond. The turbine shape of the segment and the productive linkage ensure efficient high-speed drilling.
Experience unparalleled drilling speed!
RM-TX drills are available in external diameters of 42-152 mm in lengths of 300 mm and 450 mm ? 1 1/4 UNC. The drills are used on hand-held micro-impact drilling machines without the use of cooling.





142 mm x 300 mm DDS-W RM-TX 1 1/4 UNC Diamond Drill

136,00 bez PVN (165,92 ar PVN)

DDS-W RM-TX Diamond Drill 1 1/4 UNC