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100mm Baumesser Keramik Pro M14 Diamond Core Bit


Diameter 100 mm. Height 30 mm.
Baumesser Keramik Pro M14


That’s PRO speed!

Every year, the range of hard, frost-resistant porcelain stoneware is expanding, the processing of which is becoming more and more difficult.
To cut and drill such materials, you need a high-speed tool.
Baumesser Keramik Pro vacuum drill bits are high-speed drill bits for all types of ceramics and porcelain tiles.
High-strength diamond, fixed in a hard bond, forms developed cutting micro-incisors that are effectively embedded in the ceramic material.
Crowns with a diameter of 100. 110, 120 mm are used for drilling holes for ventilation, recuperation and other communications.
It is recommended to set the angle grinder speed in the range of 7000-11,000 rpm.
When drilling with screwdrivers and drills, it is necessary to set the maximum possible drilling speed.
Drilling on an angle grinder should be carried out in dry mode with rocking movements, avoid pressure on the drill.

When drilling with screwdrivers and drills, the use of water is mandatory.

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