BIHUI DRY GRES diamond bits use vacuum technology to connect diamond particles to the drilling area, which increases resistance to high temperature and friction and greatly extends bit life.

The maximum drilling speed with DRYGRES is about 11,000 rpm. When drilling at lower speeds, the drill bit will last longer.

The average life of a drill bit ALWAYS depends on the type of material being drilled, its thickness, and proper drilling and cooling.
The drilling depth of BIHUI DRY GRES crowns is 36 mm.

Before each new drill, make sure that the housing is undamaged and clean, with no previously drilled material or other foreign objects inside.




6 mm BIHUI dry gres turbo M14 diamond crown

11,36 bez PVN (13,86 ar PVN)

BIHUI DRY GRES 6 mm diamond drillbits are suitable for drilling all types of ceramic tiles of porcelain, stone mass, marble and granite.

BIHUI DRY GRES diamond core bits are used for dry drilling and are mounted directly to a grinder with an M14 thread or with