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Distar DDS-W Ceramics


Diameter (mm) 70
Length (mm) 47
Number of segments


300 holes in porcelain stoneware. The most profitable drill.


The existing porcelain stoneware drills are produced by electroplating or vacuum deposition.


Their main disadvantage is a short service life, often only 3-5 holes.


The new 70 Ceramics sintered drill has a service life of about 300 holes in hard porcelain stoneware.


Shallow turbocharged grooves in the diamond segments ensure high drilling speeds while maintaining the desired edge quality with minimal chipping.




The diamond segments on the body are secured by a laser, ensuring high reliability of the drill.

The drill has an outer diameter of 70 mm for drilling holes for sockets.

It is used on drills or screwdrivers with a power of 0.8-1.5 kW and a rotational speed of 900-1300 rpm.

Mandatory use of water for cooling.

It is completed with a foam sponge that acts as a water accumulator, which is displaced as it sinks into the material.

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