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Mechanic TileDuster 115 mm -125 mm


Mechanic TileDUSTER Sand the edge without dust!!
Suitable for all models of angle grinders 115, 125 mm, regardless of the manufacturer. The nozzle is versatile.
It is used to remove dust when grinding the edges of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble.





Grinding the edge of ceramic tiles with diamond cutters on a charcoal milling machine is always accompanied by a significant amount of dust.
The Mechanic TileDUSTER dust dissipation enclosure will save the craftsman from this problem.
The cover attachment is easily installed on the standard casing of the angle grinder and is securely fixed with a screw.
The product has a low weight, so the work will be light and comfortable.
Thanks to the open design, a complete view and control of the grinding area is provided.

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