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100mm Distar Elite Active Diamond Milling Cutter


100 mm DISTAR ELITE ACTIVE diamond milling cutter .

The milling cutter is used to grind hard materials such as marble and granite of any class. It provides maximum ease of operation and a long service life, which makes the tool an indispensable assistant in grinding work.


It is available in two varieties, with and without a flange. At the same time, each of them has several types of tools with different levels of diamond coating granularity and a diameter of 100 mm.

With a flange, the grit can be 00, 0, 2 and 3, without it only 00 and 0.

For coarser milling cutters (with a grit of 00 and 0), it is possible to work both on dry and with additional water supply. In the case of softer grain, it is recommended to carry out all work only with the supply of water.

It is used in combination with angle grinders with a power of 1 kW or more at a speed of no more than 5000 per minute. It is recommended to use a tool with a speed regulator.

Each DISTAR ELITE ACTIVE milling cutter is tested for end run-out, which eliminates any problems with the quality of the processed material.

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0, 00, 2, 3

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