Technical characteristics of the revision door for tiles.

Manhole installation instructions

Inspection door under the tiles has a major feature, thanks to the unique design mechanisms – a hatch when installed in the opening, facing ceramic tiles and seams sealing with silicone sealant, it forms the effect of 100% invisibility hatch(invisible hatch) on the background of decorative finish, which in turn is an important aspect in the repair of facilities.

Pressure hatch its versatility acquired by push locks, through which the hatch under the tiles is closed and opened by easily pressing on the door, this advantage allows you to cover the pressure hatch with any finishing material. Our European-made “Mini-Latch” pushbutton locks are guaranteed to last 20,000 cycles, if you open the hatch every day, the locks will last you 55 years. Another uniqueness of our pressure locks, in their anti-clamp holders, which in the case of jamming the lock, still allow you to open the hatch door.

All hatches under the tiles of our production are equipped with GFB plate (gypsum fiber board waterproof), which is screwed to the hatch door, and acts as a plane for facing ceramic tiles or mosaics. Characteristics GVLV board  exceeds the quality indicators of all analogues, both in high strength and moisture resistance. To tile the hatch, it is sufficient to prime the surface of the GFB board.
For longer life in wet areas, all metal parts of our hatches are painted with hammer anticorrosive enamel, which in turn not only protects the design from rust, but also gives the product a unique, beautiful look.

The latest high-precision equipment and professionalism of our staff allows you to produce hatches exact geometry and adhere to dimensional accuracy to 1 millimeter, which is very important when tiling with ceramic tiles. Also production capacity of the company allow you to make hatches of any size, according to your individual dimensions, in the shortest possible time and in unlimited quantities.
Thanks to many years of manufacturing experience, we are responsible for the quality of our hatches, and responsibly give the pressure hatches under the tiles 5-year warranty.

Width x Height

300 mm x 600 mm revision door for tile and mosaic

77,17 bez PVN (94,15 ar PVN)

Heigh 300 mm, width 600 mm.

The purpose of the revision doors for tiles:

Inspection doors are mainly used for easy access to technical communications, from plumbing faucets, filters and meters, to pumps, siphons and boilers, to the elements that require systematic revision access, maintenance and repair.

To preserve the design, residential plumbing is hidden in the bathrooms, in areas that are mainly tiled with ceramic tiles, such as bathroom, toilet, boiler room. Used as a pressure hatch outdoors and indoors, as well as in rooms with high humidity.

How to choose a hatch under the tiles

Technical Specifications