You will be able to choose the most convenient way of receiving the goods you have purchased during the ordering process.

You can choose:

  1. Delivery to the Omniva packageWeight: up to 30 kg. Volume 0.02m3 – 0.09m3. Price from 2.70 € — 4.30 €.
  2. Delivery by courier Omniva Weight: up to 30 kg volume 0.12 m3. Price: 8.70 €From 30 kg to 50 kg volume 0.12 m3. Price: 9.70 €


Usually, our clients receive the goods within 1-3 working days, depending on the place of delivery and the choice of service.If the goods are not available, it is necessary to add 3-14 days for receiving the goods. Delivery to Estonia is carried out by OMNIVA.

  1. Delivery to Omniva parcel machineWeight: up to 30 kg. Volume 0.02m3 – 0.09 m3. Cost from 5.95 € – 7.65 €.
  2.  Delivery by Omniva courierWeight: up to 30 kg volume 0.12 m3. Cost: 8.70 € Delivery to other European countries is also carried out using OMNIVA or another courier service by agreement with the client. *For our Sweden customers we could offer special service. *Please contact us for quotation.


You can pay for the goods:


Please contact us by phone +371 2 000 3994 or email, we will definitely select the most convenient way to deliver the goods. We can also deliver the goods to you ourselves; the cost of delivery is negotiated separately.