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125mm Distar Gres Master Diamond Blade


There is no faster than Gres Master.
Every year there are new types of porcelain tiles with increased frost resistance. Porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 14 to 20 mm is increasingly used. Such materials are very difficult to cut with conventional diamond blades. Combustion, deformation of the disc, stopping in the cut occurs.

The Gres Master is designed for these demanding applications. Involute turbocharged slots of the diamondiferous layer are efficiently embedded in the durable material, cooling the cutting zone. The disc sinks softly into even the thickest porcelain tiles.

Thanks to its high performance, it is the fastest drive in the entire Distar range. The disc will also cut ordinary porcelain tiles, but at a very high speed. Used on angle grinders without the use of cooling.


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Diameter (mm) 125
Center (mm) 22,23
Diamond Layer Height (mm) 10
Thickness (mm) 1,4

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