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300 mm x 300 mm Inspection hatch for tiles and mosaics (with chain)


Hatch width 300 mm, height 300 mm, depth 40 mm. The inner perimeter of the hatch opening is 268 mm x 268 mm.


Inspectiondoors for tiles 300 mm x 300 mm are designed for access to engineering systems (meters, various connections)

Available in various sizes from 200 x 200 mm to 600 mm x 600 mm.
This inspection door is ideal for areas with difficult and cramped access, as only 5 centimeters of free space in front of the hatch is enough to open the door and remove it if necessary.
The door opens with a click. Complete with a safety chain that keeps the door open. By unhooking the chain, the door can be removed.
Along the entire perimeter of the door there is a silicone seal, which reliably protects against dust, moisture and provides sound insulation.
Inspection doors are made of aluminium profile, the external filling is a moisture-resistant panel, on which tiles and other finishing materials can be glued.

Recommended finishing of revision doors: ceramic tiles, mosaics, marble, granite.

It is also possible to install any other finishing panels with a minimum thickness of 4 mm, a maximum thickness of 20 mm and a maximum weight of 5.2 kg.
The inspection hatch can be installed on any vertical surface: stone, concrete, wooden wall. The walls are made of gypsum profile.

Installation Technology:
In order for the door to hide and become “invisible”, the dimensions of the tiles must be equal to the dimensions of the door or larger.
Glued tiles should not protrude more than 5 mm at the bottom of the door and not more than 70 mm on the sides and top of the door.
The location of the hatch in the wall should be 2-4 mm larger than the external dimensions of the hatch.
Inspection doors are usually installed in a plaster profile or a wooden frame and screwed with self-tapping screws to the prepared frame on the inside of the door.

Note: The door must only be installed in such a position that the upper part of the door can be pressed and opened.

Before ordering a door, show it to the craftsman who will be installing it and make sure that they will be able to install it.

Plumbing Specifications of Inspection Doors
Location of the hatch Wall
Sunroof finishes Ceramic tiles, mosaics, marble, granite finishing.
Opening Method With magnetic clasp
Hatch opening angle
Hatch width 300 mm
Manhole frame height (length) 300 mm
Manhole frame thickness (depth) 40 mm
Manhole width, internal 268 mm
Hatch opening height (length) internal 268 mm
Width of hatch door (cover) 292 mm
Height of the hatch door (cover) (length) 292 mm
Manhole Material Aluminum Alloy Building Board
, moisture resistant.
Total weight of the hatch 2 kg
Service Time At least 10 years
Warranty 1 year
Complete with Technical Data Sheet, Installation Instructions

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