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32 mm x 450 mm Diamond Drill ADTnS DBD RM4


Diameter 32 mm, lenght 450 mm. Connection 1/2.

Diamond Drill ADTnS DBD RM4 is intended for drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick.
It is used on drilling machines, both with a stand and in manual mode with the obligatory supply of coolant.
The drill output shaft must have a 1 / 2GAS thread.
To avoid damage to the drill, the power of the drilling machine should not exceed 1.9 kW.


Diamond Drill ADTnS DBD RM4 perfectly copes with reinforced concrete of high strength grades.

Has a speed of 3-5 cm / min and a resource of 3-4 m. when drilling concrete M400 with a 1.6 kW machine.

When passing through the reinforcement, it is recommended to reduce the rotation speed and minimize the feed of the drill into the material being processed.

The drill must be restored by brazing a new ring segment.
It is produced in diameters of 12-35 mm with a total length of 150-320 mm.


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