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400mm. Diamond blade for asphalt Distar Sprinter Plus


The Distar Sprinter Plus is designed to cut asphalt and other abrasive materials of the same abrasive level.

Diameter (mm): 400
Segment thickness (mm): 3.5
Disc thickness (mm): 2.5
Diamond layer height (mm): 10
Center: 25.4
Number of segments: 24

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The operating life reaches 2000 linear meters, at a speed of 1.5-1.8 m/min, depending on the equipment used and the characteristics of the material. When cutting asphalt and asphalt concrete to a depth of more than 7 centimeters, it is recommended to use additional cooling with water, and in addition, perform work in several approaches, which will reduce tool wear and increase productivity.

The disc has beveled protective segments that protect the body and increase the service life of the tool. Used in combination with joint cutters and gas cutters. Professional segmental disc for cutting with and without cooling asphalt and asphalt concrete.

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