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68 mm, Diamond Crown BIHUI Dry Gres


The average life of a DBDF68 diamond bit is 60 holes


The BIHUI Dry Gres bit is used for drilling any type of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, marble, granite, glass and other materials. The average life of a DBDF68 diamond bit is 60 holes, and always depends on the type of material being drilled, its thickness, correct drilling and cooling of the bit.

These bits are used for dry and wet drilling of ceramics and porcelain stoneware. The height of the diamond edge is 1 cm. Bihui diamond bits are attached to an angle grinder (14 mm thread) or to a hammerless drill (using an adapter). Recommended operating speed is 10000-14000 rpm.

Resistance to high temperatures and friction is increased by the technology of vacuum bonding of diamond particles to the drilling zone used in the production of crowns. This technology also increases the service life of crowns.

Bihui crowns have special side holes that improve the cooling of the crowns and remove the drilled material from its inside after each drilling. Before each new use, it is important to ensure that the crown is clean and that there are no foreign objects or drilled material inside the crown.

During operation, water cooling is not required for the bits, since they are cooled by air, the flow of which is created by the angle grinder at high speeds (10,000-14,000 rpm). And BIHUI Dry Gres diamond crowns are produced using VLS (Vacuum Liquid Sintering) technology, which ensures that diamonds are located close to each other throughout the entire volume of the diamond layer. Therefore, Bihai crowns drill at the highest speed and have a long service life.

Drilling must be done in a non-impact manner. You need to start the drilling process using a template or at an angle of 45 degrees to avoid the drill sliding off the surface of the material. Gradually make circular movements, moving the drill to a perpendicular position relative to the drilling plane.

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