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AGP VB400 Vacuum Base


The AGP VB400 vacuum base is a powerful mounting platform for AGP stands.

This is a quick and convenient way to mount the stand. Since you don’t need to drill a hole to attach the stand, it is very convenient to use. It has a built-in pressure gauge.

Suitable for AS200

, S350 and S500 AGP racks.

Must be used with a vacuum pump. We recommend the AGP VP140 vacuum pump.

It is used on smooth and hard surfaces – horizontally.



Advantages of this sole:

• This vacuum mounting plate is easy to use and easy to transport.
• Built-in pressure gauge
• Quick attachment.
• Stable and firm fixation of the stand
• The biggest advantage of this vacuum pad is that there is no need to drill holes to install the anchor.

The vacuum mounting system should only be used for mounting on a flat horizontal surface with a diameter of not more than 112 mm. Larger dimensions require the use of an anchoring system.


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