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100 mm Holder Baumesser Click-Lock UNI


The Click-Lock Uni holder allows you to use just one angle grinder with a disc, installing and changing bases with different grains on it.


When cutting ceramic tiles, it is necessary to frequently switch from cutting to grinding.
Each change of the tool on the angle grinder is a loss of time and the appearance of runout, which reduces the quality of the surface to be machined.
The new innovative base for polishing wheels is a new dimension of efficiency.
Now the base can be installed directly on the disc without removing it from the angle grinder and instantly go from cutting to grinding.
The only thing left is to reduce the speed of the angle grinder from maximum to minimum.

The base is mounted on a diamond disk with the help of magnets, centered on the protruding shaft of the angle grinder.
Also, most craftsmen use several angle grinders, one of which is used for cutting, others for grinding with different numbers of polishing wheels.

Now you do not need to transport a large number of power tools to the site.
One grinder is enough. The base is made of plastic, so it is lightweight and durable.
Has an ergonomic surface for easy change. The base fits most angle grinders, you need to make sure that the shaft of your angle grinder protrudes at least 12 mm above the disc.

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