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MECHANIC DrillSTREAM 1 1/4 UNC x M18 Adapter


Adapter for dry drilling. We drill without dust!!

DrillSTREAM Dry Adapter Drilling. Mom is threaded M18, dad is 1/4 UNC.


Drilling holes in concrete, bricks without the use of water cooling, in dry water is gaining more and more popularity. This type of drilling generates a large amount of dust.

Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the drilling machine solves the issue of dust removal. For this purpose, the MECHANIC DrillSTREAM 1 1/4 UNC x M18 dust collector is used. The manifold is installed between the drill bit and the spindle of the diamond drill bit. The manifold has a rubber collar for connecting the vacuum cleaner with different vacuum cleaner hose nozzles in shape and diameter. The airflow passing through the drilling area cools the diamond segments, removes drilling products, which increases the drill penetration rate and increases its service life.

The use of a vacuum cleaner in dry diamond drilling allows you to make holes in rooms with repairs.
The manifold is paired with ADTnS RS-TX diamond drills, which are designed for dry drilling on micro-impact diamond drills.

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