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Diamond cone cutter BIHUI


Diamond cone cutter BIHUI with increased wear resistance, for boring holes from 2 mm to 38 mm.
Made using high quality materials and vacuum diamond soldering technology.
Diamond cone cutter is used for machining holes in porcelain stoneware, granite, marble, hard ceramics and similar materials.
Thanks to its cone-shaped shape, it easily chamfers uneven edges of holes.
Reduces stress and risk of cracking of large format tiles after drilling.
Used for chamfering and smoothing the edges of holes, for grinding the edges of holes.
Also, thanks to her, you can make an almost perfect hole without chips.




This is not a drilling cutter; it does not make holes in the tiles, but only processes and bores them.
Recommendations: cutters do not require cooling with water, as they are cooled by air, the flow of which is created by angle grinders at high speeds (9000-14000 rpm), and they can work at maximum speed with any materials.
Small-diameter cutters quickly overheat and therefore it is better to drill many holes with a pause.
If you want to extend the service life of these diamond cutters, then porcelain stoneware should be bored at maximum speed and with additional cooling wax or water, this will extend the service life.
Designed to work with an angle grinder (grinder) at maximum speed, which provides air cooling, as well as through an adapter with a drill or screwdriver.
BUT!!! Since the speed of the drills is low and the air flow is insignificant, let the cutters rest or use additional cooling with water or cooling wax.
VLS (Vacuum Liquid Sintering) technology ensures adhesion of diamond grains to the metal bond comparable to soldering. Essentially, the grains are soldered to each other by a nano-layer of metal. The diamond grains cannot fall out of the metal bond until they themselves break down. Each diamond grain is soldered closely to at least three (up to nine) adjacent and underlying grains. Plus, the height of the diamond-bearing layer is tens and hundreds of times greater than the diameter of the diamond grain.
There are tens and hundreds of these layers in the diamond-bearing layer. The top layer of diamonds has been worked off and the next one is revealed.

Thanks to this, the cutters have the highest service life. Important! Drilling without cooling with water or special cooling wax shortens the life of your diamond cutter by more than 2 times, and in case of overheating, a “clogging” effect occurs and the cutter may stop drilling altogether. If this happens, it is necessary to “open” or “sharpen” the cutter using a soft abrasive material (abrasive grinding stone, asphalt, or fireproof brick would be the best option). Remember! The number and quality of holes drilled by this tool will depend on how correctly you use a diamond tool.
To extend the life of the diamond layer, it is recommended to use a special cooling wax.

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