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Diamond Pad Baumesser Hand Pad PRO


Hand Pad PRO
Manual grinding of complex surfaces.


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When cutting ceramic tiles, it is often necessary to remove microscratches from the cut edge. This is usually done with flexible polishing wheels using an angle grinder.
HAND PAD PRO hand-held diamond grinding bar allows you to grind the edge manually without using an angle grinder. This allows you to quickly move from the cutting operation to grinding. The bar is compact, it is always more convenient to have it on hand, unlike the angle grinder.

The bar has a diamond base with grain #120 mounted on the sole. A replaceable sole with grain #60 and #200 are available to buy. The sole mounting by using a textile “Velcro”.
The bases have a rounded shape, which is very convenient when grinding hard-to-reach areas, such as the inner corners of the tile, internal radius roundings.
The bar has a soft ergonomic shape itself in the form of an “Iron”, which fits very comfortably in your hand.

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