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Drilling template/dust collector Mechanic DrillDuster 82 2.0


• Thanks to the soft seal, the Mechanic DrillDuster 82 2.0 dust collector is securely fixed to various surfaces: concrete walls, brickwork, tiles.
• The design of the blower allows you to connect even household vacuum cleaners with a power of 1.6 kW, creating a high vacuum vacuum.
• The size of the suction cavity allows you to select not only dust, but also large particles.
• The dust removal housing for drilling can be used for various operations and tools: drilling with twist drills, carbide drills, carbide and diamond core bits on brick, concrete, tiles with a drilling diameter of up to 82 mm.



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Dust is one of the biggest difficulties and inconveniences that arise during construction or renovation work.

Dust negatively affects the respiratory tract, makes it difficult to see, and creates a large amount of cleaning. A significant amount of dust is generated during drilling.

A simple tool comes to the rescue – the dust collector DrilDUSTER 82 2.0

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