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Manual tile cutter MAXLINE 1270 SHIJING

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The professional manual tile cutter MAXLINE 1270 is designed for cutting ceramics, stone mass, porcelain, glass tiles and mosaics.

The MAXLINE 1270 is designed for intensive everyday work, as it is made from the highest quality materials and features all the latest engineering and improvements that make it one of the most advanced, accurate and user-friendly cutters on the market.
This tile cutter contains all the latest solutions that make cutting tiles easier and faster and bring pleasure while working.
The cutting carriage moves with the help of 21 bearings, so it has no backlash or errors when cutting and glides easily and evenly during cutting. Over time, the bearings can be tightened if there is play in the carriage.

The cutter is equipped with a cutting wheel lubrication system, which is necessary when cutting stone tiles with high internal stress (overheated stone mass), since when cutting dry it often comes off the cut line. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a lubricant designed for cutting glass.
The rail is made of thick steel 20x40mm, so it does not bend when cutting and destroying tiles.
The machine body is made of aluminum alloy to reduce weight without compromising the strength of the tool.

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  • Cutting length 1270 mm
  • Adjustable cutting angle 90° and 45°. The length of the diagonal (diagonal) cut is 910 mm.
  • The maximum thickness of the cut tiles is 20 mm.
  • Fixed position switch with breaking force up to 1000 kg.
  • The sliding mechanism is equipped with 21 ball bearings , which ensures cutting accuracy and extends the service life of the machine.
  • The switch is equipped with a magnetic lock , so cutting and breaking can be done easily and quickly with one hand.
  • The base on which the tiles are laid is an 8mm thick rubber pad that holds the broken tiles and softens them when they break.
  • A tank of oil to lubricate the wheel when cutting overheated tiles.
  • Tungsten cutting wheel 22x5x6 mm with internal bearing , so the wheel axle does not wear out and the cutting accuracy is always the same.
  • Green laser for setting the cutting line, charger for charging the laser battery.
  • The set includes 3 rulers for quick re-cutting or diagonal cutting.
  • Weight only 16.2 kg.

The direction of the cut is from you.

Manufacturer: SHIJING factory produces high-quality manual and electric tile cutters for dozens of different companies around the world.

This manufacturer is considered a leader in the Chinese market due to the introduction of high-quality products and innovations. It produces more than 40,000 units per month and supplies its products to 40 countries. 52 percent of their products go to European and American markets. To maintain the quality of its products, it is certified according to European standards CE, GS, OHSAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001.

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