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MECHANIC DrillSTREAM 1 1/4 UNC x 1 1/4 UNC


We drill without dust !!! Adapter for dry drilling

DrillSTREAM adapter for dry drilling


Adapter for diamond drill bits, dust collector 1¼” to 1¼”

With the help of an adapter, a wet drilling diamond drill can be used where it is necessary to protect the finish from water or dirt generated during drilling.
How to use? You connect the vacuum cleaner to the adapter and the dust generated during drilling is sucked into the vacuum cleaner through the center of the diamond drill.
Equipment connection 1 1/4″ f (female). Connection to crown 1 1/4″ m (external).
Connection to the vacuum cleaner – Ø32 mm.


The manifold works in tandem with ADTnS RS-TX diamond drills, designed for dry drilling on micro hammer diamond drills.

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