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25mm-68mm, 10pcs BIHUI Professional Set


10pcs BIHUI Professional Set For cutting with diamond drills, milling cutters and disc cutters for tiles.

Ø 25 mm x 2 pcs.,
Ø 35 mm x 1 pc.,
Ø 40 mm x 1 pc.,
Ø 45 mm x 1 pc.,
Ø 50 mm x 1 pc.,
Ø 68 mm x 1 pc.,



Angle grinder crowns 25, 35, 40, 45, 50, 68 mm;
Crown cooling wax
Pin cutter 20 mm
Conical milling cutter 20 mm – 48 mm
125mm diamond blade for cutting all kinds of tiles
Aluminum suitcase.

Suitable for drilling, cutting and milling porcelain, porcelain stoneware, marble and granite.
BIHUI’s innovative diamond drill bit manufacturing technology ensures fast and accurate drilling.
The recommended speed of the angle grinder is 7000-11000 rpm.

How to drill tiles:

Start drilling at a 45° angle.
After starting the hole, set the drill bit to 90°.
Drill further, but in a circular motion. Refrigerate the crown from time to time, then serve longer.

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