The updated Wandeli QX-800 is a revolutionary hand-feed electric tile cutter for cutting ceramic, stone, granite and stone up to 800mm.

The three most important factors that make Wandeli machines one of the most popular tile cutting machines among professional craftsmen are:

  • It is easy to transport and carry to workplaces: weight is only 29 kg. The body is made of aluminium. The used compact and high-speed motor and the dirty water tank are outside (in a simple bucket that is easy to fill with water for cutting and quickly replace the dirty water after cutting).
  • It does a great job when you need to cut tiles at an angle of 45 degrees. The small (116 mm) disc at high speed (12000 rpm) does not “pull” to the side when cutting even the hardest stone tiles.
  • The use of a compact motor with a small cutting disc has greatly reduced the length of the cutting table. It is convenient to work on the machine even in small rooms.


Wandeli Instruction

Specifications of Wandeli QX-800